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Finnish sauna

The Finnish sauna is a special type of sauna. It is very hot and has a temperature of up to 100 degrees. The humidity is about 10%. The Finnish sauna is very popular because it has a very cleansing effect. It also relaxes the muscles and promotes blood circulation. Sauna is a Finnish term for a type..

Organic sauna

The bio sauna: a gentle benefit for the circulationFor all those who find a conventional sauna too hot, the bio-sauna offers a varied opportunity to gently do something for the circulation. A lower temperature and higher humidity, in combination with various special features, make for a relaxing sau..


TepidariumIn ancient times, the tepidarium was a room in which the temperature was slightly higher than in the rest of the house. Today, it is understood to be a room in which the air temperature is between 18 and 25 degrees. In the tepidarium you can relax and enjoy the warmth. The tepidarium area ..


Laconium is a sauna that is operated at a lower temperature than other saunas. This makes it particularly suitable for people who are sensitive to high temperatures. In addition, Laconium is very relaxing and can help with complaints such as back pain or muscle tension.


The banya is traditionally a place where one purifies oneself. The temperature in the banya continues to rise during the course of the sauna. On average, the temperature in the banya is about 80 to 100 degrees Celsius. The humidity is about 15 per cent.

Earth sauna

The earth sauna is much quieter than the conventional sauna. At a temperature of around 50 degrees Celsius, you can relax here in complete peace. The humidity is around 100 percent, which is particularly good for your skin.

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